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7 Best Women’s Luxury Watches Under $1,000



Casio Baby-G Women's Watch

There is more to a woman’s watch than telling her time. A timepiece is also a woman’s piece of jewelry and a statement. Therefore, although it needs to be functional, it also needs to bring with it some sense of je ne sais quoi and attractiveness.

Finding an all-round timepiece isn’t a mean feat. While this is the case, the task is simpler with the array of affordable luxury watch styles in the market. These boast incredible design, craftsmanship, and outstanding quality.

For less than $1000, women can land any type of luxurious watch from colorful whimsy to vintage styling and classic appeal. You don’t have to break the bank to put on a symbol of status that boasts a sophisticated look.


Review: 7 Best Women’s Luxury Watches Under $1,000

The following are some of the top luxury timepieces available. They are the definitive way to embellish your wrist.


Hamilton Boulton

Hamilton first premiered this watch in the ’40s. Among nice updates of this revived version include highly-polished stainless steel and a Swiss quartz movement.

Hamilton Boulton

If you are a woman into vintage-inspired timepieces, the Hamilton Boulton is a great choice. It also makes an incredible option for those into timepieces with rectangular cases. On top of its rectangular shape, other notable attributes include feminine curves and cushion corners.

With this remarkable choice, classic American expressions of the Art Deco eon combine to create such a distinctive appeal. This timepiece which has been redone to match 21st century needs comes powered by an amazing H-50 hand-winding movement further cementing Hamilton’s classic look to show that it never gets out of style.

In terms of water resistance, it is resistant up to 30m (99 feet). This means that it can withstand water splashes and rain but not submersion or showering. It also means you cannot go swimming having this watch.

Its long-lasting mineral crystal offers the utmost protection against scratches.


Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 is another women’s luxury watch under $1000 that is worth featuring in this list. It brings with it fantastic apps, an unrivaled user experience, as well as potentially lifesaving fitness and health features that make it a worthy investment.

With this watch from Apple, you can look forward to a device that efficiently sensors blood oxygen saturation to not only calculate on demand SpO2 as well as capturing sporadic background measurements when asleep or inactive. The technology helps you establish how brilliantly your respiratory and circulatory systems deliver oxygenated blood into the body. Ultimately, you can tell whether you need a hospital visit.

In addition to all these wonderful features, you can also look forward to a watch featuring a faster processor coupled with a real-time altimeter that allows you to view your elevation. When your wrist is down, the timepiece has a bump in screen brightness. With all these additions, you can rest assured that is an exciting and remarkable watch that is a necessary purchase.

If you’re a stylish woman who’s into a luxurious timepiece boasting excellent performance, ample health/fitness tracking features, and an array of unparalleled app options, then you should settle for this one.


Tissot Lady Heart Powermatic

If you are a girly girl that is into mechanical movements, then you should consider the Tissot Lady Heart Powermatic watch. Made from stainless steel, this watch measures 35mm in terms of diameter. The fact that it brings with it a smooth, circular design means that you can wear it any time as well as for all occasions.

This water-resistant timepiece is three bars. Its dial steals the show in terms of attributes. You can view its beating heart via a flower-shaped window situated at 12 o’clock. Another remarkable feature of this variation has to do with its mother-of-pearl outer dial coupled with a simple, yet attractive white inner dial coupled with the Tissot logo.

Subtle diamonds, curved indexes, and Arabic numerals add some sparkle to this glamorous piece. You can also look forward to its white synthetic strap that is embossed with some flowery motif. Its automatic movement is visible via the watch’s transparent case back to reveal an ornate rotor.

Its power reserve can handle up to 80 hours. Quite impressive for a watch under $1000, right?


Casio Baby-G Women’s Watch

Casio Baby-G Women's Watch

Neatly done ion plating, 10bar water resistance, and tough solar some of the striking features of the Casio Baby-G Women’s Watch. A product of Casio, this distinct gold-black dual-tone timepiece is sportier meaning it’s the perfect choice for women into sporty watches. You can rest assured that it looks classy in its chunky silhouette.

A tough watch, it runs on solar energy. When it comes to water resistance, it is resistant up to 10bar. This implies its resistance is subtle for splashes as well as brief immersion inside water. However, snorkeling and diving aren’t recommended.

Its black dial face brings with it a 3-hand analog display for purpose of time reading. It gets luminescent hands for great visibility at night or in places with access to natural sunlight. Its attractive design coupled with gold and black colors gives the watch a retro yet classical look.


Seiko Ladies Solar

Seiko boasts a record of accomplishment when it comes to creating timeless premium timepieces for both men and women. Many years after Seiko built its premier wrist watch, the company continues to deliver nothing short of high-quality watches. The Seiko Ladies Solar is no different.

Best Womens Watch Seiko Ladies Solar

This tantalizing gold-tone dress timepiece is utterly ethereal for lack of better words. Natural solar energy powers the watch. In terms of movement, it runs on a Japanese quartz movement. One of the best attributes about this watch is the fact that it boasts the ability to reserve power for up to twelve months on a single full charge.

It can operate in 5 – 50 degree Celsius temperatures implying its suitability for hot and cold weather. The watch comes enclosed inside a petite gold-tone case. One cannot help but marvel at its archetypal white dial face coupled with gold hour-minute hands. It’s gold hour markers look beyond enchanting.

The watch’s simple design combines minimalist style to create such a magical all-around, luxurious timepiece for women.


Certina DS Podium Watch

Certina watches bring with them great attributes that make them ideal for any sports enthusiast or athlete – reliability, performance, precision, strength, and endurance. The company’s timepieces meet the highest demands of design and quality, boasting precision engineering as well as comprehensive protective in-built features.

The Certina DS Podium Watch is an attractive and beautiful timepiece for women that brings with it a two-tone steel case material coupled with a rose plate as well as a Mother of pearl dial to give it such a distinct look. The watch’s water resistance is up to 100 meters making it ideal for swimming although imperfect for high-impact water sports.

This timepiece is an embodiment of the brand’s blend of sophisticated and smart style with some hint of sportiness. Its 29mm case is notable as it gives the timepiece that desired comfort. Whether you need a watch for the ballroom or boardroom, this one will certainly meet your needs.


Michael Kors Women’s Watch

Let’s finish off this list of fame with this impressive luxury timepiece for women from Michael Kors. While the brand is more popular for other things such as accessories, bags, and clothes, it also boasts a record of accomplishment in making high-quality watches.

The Michael Kors Women’s Watch brings with it both refined gold and rose-gold tones that without a doubt exude style and class. Measuring 43mm, it is fairly large making it a great choice to complement formal wear. Its classy design also makes it excellent for other occasions outside the office.

The timepiece has three sub-dials to display chronograph function making it expedient from time to time. It runs on quartz movement which is perhaps among the most pocket-friendly and accurate movements to have on your wrist.

When it comes to water resistance, it is resistance up to 50m which many might find inadequate. However, considering its price, it’s quite understandable.

If you’re on the hunt for a reliable, affordable, flashy, and classy watch, this one makes a great choice.


Bottom Line

A beautiful, luxurious watch is an incredible and necessary investment in a woman’s wardrobe. The style you settle for depends on an array of things chief among them your aesthetics. One of the purchases that you should buy to stand the test of time should be a watch. Your choice should maintain its beauty for years to match your fashion, personality, and taste.

Among the 7 ones we have reviewed in our list, we recommend the Hamilton Boulton.

With a budget of not more than $1000, you can own a luxurious watch from some of the most reputable brands in the world. Whether your style in timepieces is more complex or minimal, the choices of watches featured in this primer meet your modern needs.

The above watches feature everything you can desire in a luxurious watch under $1000 – from intricate divers to simple dials. Grab any one of them today and discover their magic.

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