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Top 3 His And Hers Omega Watches: Ideal Anniversary Gift



His and Her Omega Watches

No gift is more complicated and challenging to purchase than an anniversary gift. Your choice of gift for your better half should reflect their personality, your relationship, and the level you’re in, in your relationship. Anniversary presents are more personal compared to birthday ones.

One of the best anniversary gifts is a matching timepiece. Sporting his and her watches is an incredible indication of a harmonious and deep relationship. Omega is among the brands that manufacture the best his and hers watch for anniversary gifts.

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As a brand, Omega boasts a strong identity. It boasts strong ties with sports timepieces such as Seamaster and Speedmaster. The company boasts a diverse history of models including his and her watches.

Best His And Hers Omega Watches For Anniversary Gift

The following are our recommendations of the 3 best his and hers Omega watches for anniversary gift;

  1. Omega Constellation
  2. Omega De Ville
  3. Omega Seamaster


Omega Constellation

Omega Constellation: His And Hers Omega Watches

We start our Omega matching watches with the Constellation collection. These serve wonderfully as a couple of mementos. Having made their premier in 1948 as a celebration of the watchmaker’s anniversary, the Constellation has evolved over the years to become the remarkable pieces they are today.

The brand’s present Constellation line boasts more than 25 versions of men and women. Most of the versions display the characteristic ‘claws’ and roman numerals. On top of that, many of them have a star on their dials coupled with accent diamonds.

Best 3 His And Hers Omega Watches

Hers: Omega Co‑Axial 31 MM | His: Co‑Axial Small Seconds 35 MM

A unique and attribute feature of these watches is that they have a hand-crafted image of the Geneva observatory on their case back. it comes complete with 8 stars overhead. Elvis Presley and Mikhail Gorbachev are two popular figures that have worn Omega Constellation timepieces. Nicole Kidman and Cindy Crawford have also worn these timepieces.

With a huge array of their diamond-encrusted, yellow gold or stainless steel pieces, Constellations enjoy a privileged and rare place within the watch pantheon as among the most coveted timepieces in the world.

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If you and your loved one are into timepieces that have reigned supreme as esteemed symbols of style and refinement, you need to consider this collection of timepieces. The same is true for couples into vintage timepieces as Constellations have several pieces that match your needs.


Omega De Ville

The Omega De Ville collection is synonymous with contemporary fashion and elegance. Since its launch n 1967, the collection has undergone tremendous developments to reach where it is today. Several series have enhanced this stylish collection.

his and her omega tresor watches

Omega Tresor Her Watches models in 18K Moonshine gold

Some of the most popular ones include Tresor Collection, Hour Vision Collection, Prestige Gent’s and Ladies Collection, and the renowned Tourbillon.

Pieces in the Omega De Ville collection vary according to their case diameter, color, movement, materials, and complications. While this is the case, you can rest assured that there’s a watch for every preference and style.

The collection’s Co-axial escapement is among the most notable attributes. Although the movement was not initially from the company, the brand enjoys huge success utilizing this caliber. The brains behind this idea were George Daniels an English watchmaker. Omega adopted it and eventually manufactured it on large scale.

With time, the company made refinements to the caliber with a free-sprung balance that goes miles to enhance mechanical efficiency and timekeeping performance.

Another excellent attribute of these timepieces has to do with their great functionality underwater making them excellent for those into water sports. They can also survive in saturated gas environments and submerged environments.


Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

The Omega Seamaster Collection premiered in 1948. Waterproof timepieces for the British military made towards the tail end of World War II inspired the manufacturing of these watches. Through the years, they have enjoyed worldwide fame because of their combination of awe-inspiring designs and exceptional stability.

His and Her Omega Watch: The Seamaster Aqua Terra Gents Collection

His and Her Omega Watch: The Seamaster Aqua Terra Gents Collection

Seamasters are ideal for couples who are into adventures and underwater sports. One of the best Seamaster models for his and hers is the Aqua Terra. Its standout feature has to do with its ‘Teak Concept’ pattern on its dials. It was the company’s first watch to be endowed with the brand’s cutting-edge anti-magnetic Co-axial calibers.

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This is a classy, stylish, and safe choice to meet the needs of any watch snob or his/her better half. These watches bring with them the company’s attractive and well-regarded in-house Caliber 8500 movement. If you aren’t familiar with the dazzling 8500 family movements, well they are simply automatics with 60-hour power reserves operating at 4hz. They feature silicon balance wheels, as well as the date and time display.

The Sewamaster Aqua Terra Master Chronometer Ladies Collection

His and Her Omega Watch: The Seamaster Aqua Terra Master Chronometer Ladies Collection

It is worth noting that each of the 8500 movements is COSC Chronometer certified.

The Seamaster Aqua Terra comes at 41.5mm for the men’s version while the women’s version is at 34mm. in terms of material, different case materials exist. They range from two-tone models, 18k rose gold and steel variants.

Other watches in this series include Seamaster 300 Master Co-axial. This one brings with it lighter indexes, big numbers, symmetrical case, and dark dial.


His and Hers Watches For Anniversary Gift Buying Guide

The aesthetics and styling of his-and-hers timepieces are what makes them a darling of many. With them, you can show your dedication and love to your partner without having to resort to matching plaid.

Just like with any other timepiece, one of the things you need to consider when in the market for his and her watch features. Different couples desire different features in their couple watches. Some of the features you can consider include material, movement, water resistance, waterproof, shockproof, date display, and alarms.

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The other factor you need to consider is whether the watch is digital or analog. Analog is the conventional one that displays the clock hands. Although analog, some are quite elegant. Digital timepieces, on the other hand, have their seconds, minute, and hour hands in digital form. These are more contemporary. Checking accurate time is quick.

Design is another factor you can consider when shopping for a couple of watches. Countless watch designs exist. Modern, simple, classic, or vintage designs are all available. If and your better half is into sports, sporty-designed watches make a great option.

Still, on design, some feature diamonds, and crystals while others borrow their design from pop culture. It’s a matter of personal choice.

Finally, yet importantly, you need to consider the size. In most if not all times, with couple watches, the man’s version is bigger compared to the woman’s version. If buying online, ensure you verify the sizes in the description.



There are plenty of ways to share your love with your partner. Couple dressing is among the most adorable, albeit cheesy movie-style options. Are you keen on expressing your love but aren’t into his and hers plaid? Then you should consider investing in his-and-hers watches!

Couples’ timepieces are a remarkable nod to matching styles but tend to be more refined. Plus, you and your partner will be always on time for your dates. The best part about the options highlighted in this primer is the fact that you don’t have to break the bank to own these stylish timepieces.


Do Omega watches hold their value?

Generally speaking, when buying a retail price they will depreciate, between 20-40% in value in the first year.

How much is an Omega Constellation watch?

An Omega Constellation watch can cost as much as $24,000 (Constellation Co-Axial Day-Date 38 mm) to $6,4000 (Constellation Globemaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer Annual Calendar, ref.).

Are Omega watches collectible?

Unlike Rolex watches for example Omega watches are not considered a collector's item.

Is Omega better than Tag Heuer?

The Omega Watch brand is often perceived as being just a tad above the TAG Heuer Watch brand on the watch hierarchy scale.

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