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Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Chronograph Skeleton: Review & Price



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Today we are going to have an insight into one of the most interesting chronographs available on the market, brought to us by a designer which is one of the spearheading in the Swiss watchmaking industry. We are talking about the Skeleton chronograph by Maurice Lacroix, which is part of the Masterpiece line, together with other pieces that bear a distinctive, modern look where industrial recalls are central.

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If you are passionate about watches, you probably already heard about Maurice Lacroix, a Swiss luxury watchmaking firm with headquarter in Sainelégier, the French canton.


The Skeleton chronograph by Maurice Lacroix

Founded in 1975, Maurice Lacroix’s Maison has been affirming its place in the luxury watch production sector ever since, winning the hearts of collectors and of those who are simply passionate about carefully crafted watches and chronographs. What made Maurice Lacroix’s works especially stand out is the unique combination brought on the market between quality and unique style and design.

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At the moment, Lacroix’s watches are sold in more than 60 countries around the world, through more than 4000 retail stores in all continents, and are appreciated for their contemporary design and inspired technology.

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Chronograph Skeleton review

Our focus today is on the Skeleton chronograph from the Masterpiece collection. As you can easily guess, this fascinating piece features a skeletonized movement that immediately catches the eyes of the observer, together with the touches of brushed steel. Skeleton movements, being almost or completely visible to the observer, have a charm on their own, and the fact you are able to appreciate the inside mechanism of the watch make them immediately stand out compared to quartz and electronic watches. For the Masterpiece Skeleton chronograph by Maurice Lacroix, this comes together with a bold, shiny finishing.

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The result is a chronograph without frills or extravagances, that immediately reveals its essence and impresses the observer making those who wear it stand out from the crowd. This is even more true not only speaking about this piece’s aesthetic but also about its functioning. A watch like Maurice Lacroix Skeleton represents an investment in terms of spending, so we will also have a look at the investment outlook.


Maurice Lacroix Skeleton Chronograph: technical features

maurice lacroix masterpiece chronograph skeleton 45mm

Let’s begin talking about the Skeletons’ technical features with an insight into their movement. This chronograph by Maurice Lacroix features an in-house ML134, a manual winding, mechanical and stable movement which is in low beat at 18.000 BPH and allows a power reserve up to 45 hours in total. This choice is probably due to the fact that a skeleton mechanism allows appreciating the oscillation of the balance wheel. The movement is either brushed or bead blasted, for the observer to fully appreciate all its components, and on the top right, you can admire the traditional balance wheel design.

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On the Skeleton watch quadrant, you will find a double curved sapphire crystal with an AR coating on both sides which makes it almost invisible, giving increased value to the sight of the movement. The rear sapphire is instead partially smoked in order to highlight part of the movements: looking at the Skeleton chronograph by Maurice Lacroix, you will be able to view all the bridges, the discs, and the wheels that all together create the mechanism that brings this watch alive. Black coated screwed are used to put the watch together, contributing to the sporty look of this chronograph that can resist water up to 50 meters and.

maurice lacroix masterpiece skeleton side view

The design is interesting and works amazingly well with the smoked crystal and with the finishing, creating an impressive result. The size of the steel case of this watch is 43 millimeters and you will find the usual regulators on the side, in addition to timing screws. The hour and minute rhodium-plated hands are finished with lume and this makes them easy to be read, and are combined with a traditional minute scale. As with every skeleton watch, you will be able to admire the sundials, skeletonized discs where we can admire the designer logo, the capital “M”, but as the disc for the seconds’ hands. However, this watch is not entirely skeletonized, you will not be able to see through the back of it.

Maurice Lacroix Skeleton: Impression

While giving our opinion on the Skeleton chronograph, we appreciated the care for detail that is immediately perceived just looking at this chronograph, due to years of experience in the field that formed Maurice Lacroix’s heritage. This classy, traditional vibe is highlighted by the black crocodile strap with its folding flap and timeless appeal, are combined with a sporty, contemporary look. This watch makes for a distinctive looking watch which very much reflects the personality of the brand, giving more importance to substance compared to form.

maurice lacroix masterpiece review

The industrial lines and finishes combine quite well together also with brushed finishes. Generally speaking, skeleton watches tend to be more contemporary than traditional watches and rarely can be considered and wore as classic watches. However, the Skeleton chronograph by Maurice Lacroix can be easily worn every day, which is uncommon for skeleton watches. A catchy design is realized, combined with good functionalities and with an attractive display of inside movements. It definitely is the right match to look for if you mean to have a modern touch on your wrist.

As mentioned, we especially appreciated the alligator straps that come together with the watches, that feature folding clasps.


Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Chronograph Skeleton Price

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Chronograph Skeleton Value

This beauty of a watch should cost you around  $7,400.00 buy you may find it cheaper on eBay.

Shop for the Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Chronograph Skeleton watch on eBay

If you have any questions in regards to purchasing a Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Chronograph Skeleton watch please email us at and we will advise.


Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Chronograph Skeleton: Investment Outlook

The average price at which you will find Maurice Lacroix Skeleton on the market is 7.000 to 8.000. For those who are familiar with the value and price of skeleton chronographs, it will not appear too much expensive. One of the reasons for that is that those kinds of chronographs have gained increased popularity in the latest years and have a production cost that is considerable.

For the Skeleton by Maurice Lacroix, the Avant guard design, and the quality and swiss precision it comprises, this watch can surely be considered a valid investment for the future while being worn now.

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