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Seiko Presage Watches – Prices, Top 3 Styles, and Investment Outlook



Seiko Presage Watches

Any collector will tell you that brands like Seiko and its higher-end line under the Grand Seiko name offer some of the best value for your money.

While authentic vintage pieces can become too expensive to most collectors (many would say they’re too costly for anybody), second-hand markets offer a way to collect fascinating vintage timepieces affordably. Below we take a look at three models and their prices. We also present an investment outlook to provide collectors with a way of thinking about their potential future value.


The Presage series represents Seiko’s commitment to reimagining what it means to be a luxury watch brand. Each Presage model balances cutting-edge technology with classic styling. They all feature a high level of craftsmanship and come standard with an attractive leather strap and stainless-steel case. A sapphire crystal adds durability, giving some models almost 100 feet of water resistance. The colorful dials are beautifully decorated with artwork and design motifs inspired by nature.

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Please scroll through our top 3 styles selection.


Seiko Presage SARY055

Seiko Presage SARY055

Seiko Presage SARY055 men’s | Stainless steel case of round shape | Case dimensions are 41 mm. in diameter and 11.4 mm. in thickness | Display Sapphire glass | Stainless steel band | 100 m. water resistance

The Presage Black SARY055 combines a traditional and elegant design with modern materials. It has a case made from black-toned stainless steel polished on the outside and brushed on the inside. The dial features white hands with Roman time markers and date at 12 o’clock. An exhibition window above 6 o’clock reveals the automatic movement within this watch.

Seiko Presage SARY055 review

This Seiko Presage SARY055 watch is powered by a 3-hand movement and has a 41mm stainless steel case with a blue dial, date function, and a 40.5mm diameter. It comes on a brown calfskin band with red stitch detail.

Seiko Presage SPC131P1

Seiko Presage SPC131P1 review

Caliber Number 7T86 | Movement Type Quartz Perpetual | Case Material Stainless steel | Crystal Hardlex

The Presage SPC131P1 is a striking, all-metal watch with multi-layer dials and hands. There is no mistaking this watch’s Japanese quality, from the stunning classic case finishing to the beautiful high-shine sunray dial.

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With its clean design and practical functionality, this timepiece is a classic. The 34 mm stainless steel case has an openwork, polished finish on the sides, Roman hour markers, and a taupe dial with gold-tone hands. The crocodile black leather strap is fitted with an S-Clasp and a push-button deployment clasp to keep it in place.

Seiko Presage SARB033

Seiko Presage SARB033 review

The Seiko Presage SARB033 is a classically sophisticated timepiece inspired by the spirit of fine Swiss watches. It has a chronograph to provide even greater functionality while maintaining a relatively small profile.

Other hi-tech features of the SARB033 are its caliber 4R35 movements and hand-winds. The hand winds can be manually wound with an eccentric rotor.

Best Seiko Presage Styles

A window at the 6 o’clock position reveals the Seiko monsters inside every watch. The case is crafted from rose gold PVD stainless steel, while the dial features a 14k white gold coating to ensure legibility in an array of light.



The Seiko Presage collection is beautiful and elegant. Presage watches are meant to complement your wardrobe and be on your wrist for many decades to come.

The best part is that you will not break the bank to own one, as they range from $300 – $2000.

The Prestige Line Enamel Dial Spring is the most expensive Seiko Presage watch, worth around $4500. It’s one jewel movement, intricate gold-plated small seconds dial, and exquisite, handcrafted movement are just a few of its many features. With a water resistance of up to 100 meters, this watch is strong, not only in looks but also in character.



Investment Rating: Buy (3.3 out of 5)

Ownership Disclosure: None

Best Seiko Presage Watch Investment: We like the Seiko Presage SARY055 as a solid long-term investment

It’s no surprise that vintage Seiko watches can make you a tidy sum (if you’re willing to wait). However, investing in Seiko doesn’t mean you have to wait decades to cash in.

Seiko Presage Watch investment analysis shows that the odds of earning a good return on your investment is high if you do not trade the watch often and if you hold it for more than 3-4 years.

Seiko Presage Watches in mechanical automatic, and quartz premium versions are unique collectibles with designs based on classic Swiss watches. But having a collection of these beautiful pieces does not necessarily mean that they will appreciate over time.

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In short, an average ROI (return on investment) of 8.46% per annum can be safely taken to mean that the probability of earning a good return on your investment is high if you are not looking to trade the watch often. If you hold onto it for more than three years, there will be clear profit made.



The Presage collection is all about the classicism of Seiko. It is a timepiece design that celebrates artistry. Delicate finishing, attention to detail, and high craftsmanship levels are applied to create timepieces with superior finishes without sacrificing reliability. These all come in an elegant presentation box that accentuates the watch’s premium nature and quality.


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